Whole Life

At SCG Financial, Inc we offer the whole life insurance option for clients who looking to protect their family with life insurance and build cash values.

Whole life is cash value insurance that stays in effect as long as premiums are paid. This sets it apart from term insurance, which is for a specified term only and must be renewed at the end of each term. Premiums are paid for the whole of the insured person’s life or until the insured reaches a specified maximum age.

Indexed Universal Life

Term Insurance

At SCG Financial, Inc we offer the term insurance option for clients who looking to financially protect their family with a larger death benefit for a specified period of time.  

Term insurance is life insurance coverage that is in effect for a specified period (or term), after which the insured typically has the option to renew the policy (up to a maximum age). Term policies are said to provide “pure” insurance protection since they provide a death benefit only—no cash values accumulate
in the policy, as they do with permanent insurance

Guarantee Universal Life

At SCG Financial, Inc we offer the Indexed Universal insurance option for clients who looking to gain a higher rate of return on their cash values inside a life insurance policy.

Indexed universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that includes features designed to make these policies more attractive to consumers. One feature is indexing, which means values in specified accounts are linked to a financial index such as the S&P 500®. This provides the potential for earning a greater rate of return. In addition, policyowners have the flexibility to adjust both the premium
and the death benefits up or down throughout the insured’s lifetime.

At SCG Financial, Inc we offer a guaranteed universal life insurance option for clients who looking for permanent life insurance or a guarantee cash value cash-out option. 

In a guarantee universal life, clients have the option to select a guaranteed length from ages 95 to 121 to ensure your client does not outlive their policy or a guaranteed cash-out option. 

During a 60 day period following the 15th, 20th, and 25th policy anniversaries, the client can surrender the policy in exchange for a partial or full return of premiums paid. 

*The cash-out option may be limited for those who are rated substandard