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Welcome to SCG Financial Inc’s and SHALOM IRS Tax Resolution Program!

At Shalom, we can offer the following tax resolution options:

  1. Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  2. Installment Agreements
  3. Penalty Abatement
  4. Innocent Spouse Relief
  5. Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status
  6. Tax Appeals
  7. Wage Garnishment Release
  8. Bank Levy Release
  9. Tax Liens Removal
  10. Tax Audit Representation
  11. Tax Court ProSe Petitions & Research Assistance
  12. IRS Fresh Start Program Assistance
  13. Tax Penalty Negotiation
  14. Tax Debt Settlement
  15. Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Resolution
  16. Tax Resolution for Businesses (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships)
  17. Tax Planning and Compliance Services
  18. Tax Compliance Review and Correction

Why Choose SCG Financial & SHALOM

Why clients loves Shalom? Our unwavering commitment to personalized attention and effective solutions. Unlike larger firms where clients might feel like just another case number, we prioritize building strong relationships with each individual we serve. Our team takes the time to truly understand the unique circumstances and challenges our clients face, allowing us to tailor our approach to their specific needs.

Furthermore, our depth of expertise and dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments in tax laws and regulations set us apart. We combine years of experience with ongoing education and training to ensure that we’re equipped to handle even the most complex tax issues. Clients can trust that they’re receiving guidance and representation from a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Ultimately, by choosing us, clients can have confidence that they’re partnering with a firm that prioritizes their success, advocates for their best interests

Our Process-What to expect!

At our firm, we follow a meticulous three-step process to effectively resolve our clients’ tax issues:

Phase 1: Case Assessment- $350: During this initial phase, we delve into the specifics of your tax situation. Our team will gather all relevant documents and information to understand the nature and extent of your tax issues. This includes examining tax returns, notices from tax authorities, and any correspondence related to your case. Through careful analysis, we aim to grasp the challenges you’re facing and identify potential strategies for resolution.

Phase 2: Research & Discovery-$750: In this phase, we conduct comprehensive research into the tax laws, regulations, and precedents relevant to your case. Our team will explore various avenues and options available for resolving your tax issues, considering factors such as tax codes, statutes of limitations, and potential exemptions or deductions. We aim to uncover insights that will guide us in formulating a tailored approach to address your tax challenges effectively.

Phase 3: Tax Resolution-$5,000- $10,000 Armed with a thorough understanding of your tax situation and armed with our research findings, we proceed to implement a strategic plan for tax resolution. This may involve negotiating with tax authorities, preparing and filing amended returns, pursuing penalty abatements, or exploring settlement options such as offers in compromise or installment agreements. Throughout this process, we remain committed to advocating for your best interests and achieving a favorable outcome that relieves your tax burden and restores your financial peace of mind.

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Note: Our MyTaxResolution portal is different from our MyTaxOffice Portal. It’s is exclusively designed to resolve IRS Tax Problems. Clients who require assistance in tax resolutions must have a MyTaxResolution portal access. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are instructed by a Tax Resolution Specialist you need tax preparation to meet compliance requirements you may all be required to have MyTaxOffice portal access as well as MyTaxResolution portal access.

DISCLAIMER: Our services is limited by what information you provide to us. So it’s important you take the time to complete the questionnaire thoroughly. Whether you complete in online through our MyTaxResolution portal or you complete the paper questionnaire. We require “full disclosures” of facts regarding your tax and financial situation.

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