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Welcome to Financial Coaching, Powered by SHALOM. Please enter your financial information. This information will help us determine how to setup your financial coaching sessions. Financial Coaching Sessions are billed at $125 per session and requires a minimum of 4 sessions. Enter the current value of all of your assets and liabilities, including the current total value of your checking and savings accounts. Then, enter your monthly income and expense information. If your income and/or expenses vary from month to month, enter a three-month average. If necessary, you may enter estimates. If an asset, liability, income, or expense does not apply, please enter $0 as the value. If you have questions, need to provide explanation, please use the Notes/Explanation section below.
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Clients who need to improve their credit and increase their credit score will need to enroll in IDIQ- Identity Theft SecureMax, and provide a copy of their credit reports.