Our fees are simple, fair, and transparent. We value long-term business relationships and our professional services offer great value to any small business or taxpayer with tax problems. Our approach is simple and designed to give you peace of mind. During our first call or meeting, you will know immediately how we can help you protect and grow your small business or resolve your tax problems. 

Our Flat Rates

  • Consultation $125 per session (limited to 1-hour)
  • Personal Matters Retainer $350 (minimum retainer)
  • Business Matters Retainer $650 (minimum retainer)

Our Firm's Billable Rate

  • $125 per hour

Tax Preparation Services

  • Business Income Tax Filing $650 per filing
  • Personal Income Tax Filing $350 per filing
  • Estate Tax Filing $3,500 per filing
  • Estate & Trust Income Tax Filing $650 per filing
  • Gift Tax Filing $550 per filing
  • NonProfit Tax Filing $550 per filing
  • Sales Tax Filing $125 per filing
  • Meals Tax Filing $125 per filing
  • Estimated Tax Filing $125 per filing
  • Payroll Tax Filing (Forms 941, 940, 94X) $150 per filing
  • Payroll Annual Tax Filing $250

Professional Accounting Services

  • *Annual Transaction Entry Bookkeeping & Financial Statement Preparation $960 per year
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation $20 per statement
  • Transaction Entry Bookkeeping ($2 per transaction)
  • **Financial Statement Preparation $350 (incl. Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • ***Payroll Processing $35 per payroll period (limited to 10 employees or less, $2 per additional employee )

NOTE: Fees listed are estimates and a client's fees for services may differ based on their specific circumstances and needs. A review of business bank statements & credit card statements is required before engaging services for bookkeeping. 

*A client who averages more than 45 transactions per month (540/annually), has more the 2 bank/credit card statements, or requires more than transactional bookkeeping services does not qualify for this pricing.

** Our financial statement preparation services are not a stand-alone service and require transactional bookkeeping and reconciliation. Financial Statements are prepared using the Income Tax Basis of Accounting and are used for the preparation of the business tax return and for management purposes only. 


**A client with more than 10 employees requires a custom quote.

Industry Specific Flat Rate Outsourced Accounting Services (Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Taxes)

  • Dealerships  Accounting Services- $7,800 per year ($650 per month)
  • Home Health Agency- $7,800 per year ($650 per month)
  • Real Estate Broker- $5,400 per year ($450 per year)
  • Law Office (Trust Accounting) - $5,400 per year ($450 per month)
  • Retail/Restaurant Store- $4,800 per year ($400 per month)

Get rid of all those bookkeeping apps your are not  using, and outsource your business accounting department with flat rate billing. This will save your more money, time, and brain power in the long run. Our services included bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. If you are in your business to make money, plan to stick arround for the long haul then your NEED, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services. 

Audit Representation Services

  • Income Tax Audit $2,500- $5,000
  • Employment Tax Audit $3,500-$7,500
  • Virginia Employment Commission Audit $1,500-$3,500 

IRS & State Tax Resolution Services

  • Research and Discovery $750
  • Offer-in-Compromise $1,500 
  • Installment Agreement $750

Tax Planning Services

  • Income Tax Plan $750
  • Estate Tax Plan $1,875 (limited to estate assets less than $5 million)
  • Estate Tax Plan $3,750-$5,000 (includes estates assets in excess of $5 million)

*Fees listed are estimates and a client's fees for services may differ based on their specific circumstances and needs.

Shalom Consulting Group

Shalom Consulting Group

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