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MyTaxOffice- Signup
New Clients will need to download our MyTaxOffice App and register as a new business or personal taxpayer. When using our app for the first time you will need to use our Firm passcode “UD8031”.

Once clients have registered they can either use the app to upload documents or upload by going to MyTaxOffice login link.

You will also be able to track the progress of the tax return once you have uploaded your tax documents.

Our Business Tax Return services in completed in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Business Tax Return Intake/ Interview: You will meet with a qualified tax document management specialist who will assist you in gathering your tax return documents. They will assist you with getting access to your MyTaxPortal so you are able to track the tax return preparation process and communicate securely with your tax return preparer. they will guide you through the process of organizing essential financial documents, leaving no stone unturned. They will assist you in completing any necessary tax questionnaires, addressing key details that may impact your tax liability or eligibility for deductions. Our document management specialist is a qualified tax professional whose primary focus is to help you gather all your tax information and documents before you send them to our tax return preparer.

Phase 2: Tax Return Preparation: During this phase your Tax Return preparer will review your tax return documents and your business tax questionnaire that you completed with the document management specialist. They may request additional documents or information using MyTaxPortal secure messaging or via text messaging. NOTE: Information that is sensitive in nature can not be sent via text message. So it is important you monitor your secure messages. Once the Tax Return Preparer has all your pertinent tax information they will start preparing your tax return. Once the tax return is complete you will see a green checkmark in MyTaxPortal and a Request for Review and e-Signature. 

Phase 3: Business Quality Review/Signature: Once you receive notice that the tax return is complete you can schedule a Quality Review/Signature appointment with your preparer to go over that tax return with you. If you wish to opt out of the quality review/ signature appointment you can complete the review in MyTaxPortal and e-sign the return for completion. Once the tax return is marked as reviewed and electronically signed we will e-file that tax return.

What to Bring

  • Tax returns for the last two years, including state returns
  • IRS EIN Letter
  • Article of Incorporation/ Articles of Operations
  • By-Laws/ Operating Agreement/ Partnership Agreement
  • State Corporation Commission Registration
  • Corporate Resolutions (If the business is closing)
  • S/C-Corp Election Acceptance Letter (if first year as S-Corp)
  • Copies of depreciation schedule for books, tax, and AMT (if claiming depreciation)
  • Financial Statements/Report
  • Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement)
  • Balance Sheet (Assets & Liabilities)- PY/CY
  • General Ledger Report
  • Business Bank Reconciliation Reports and Bank Statements
  • Depreciation Schedule, or Original Receipts for Asset if plan to claim depreciation deduction including section 179
  • Payroll Tax and Wage Summary
  • Forms 940, and 941, and state quarterly tax filing reports
  • Payroll Forms, Employer Copy W3, W2s
  • Contractor payment Forms 1096, 1099s
  • Reimbursement Plan- Accountable Plan for reimbursements for mileage, meals, or entertainment
  • Medical Reimbursement Plan
  • Group Health Insurance Benefits Plan Documents
  • SEP IRA/ 401K Retirement Planning Documents
  • Any other benefit planning documents

Tax Forms Prepared

  • Form 1120- U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Form 1120X – Amended U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Form 1120H- U.S. Income Tax Return for Homeowners Associations
  • FORM 1120C  – U.S. Income Tax Return for Cooperative Association
  • Form 1120L- U.S. Life Insurance Company Income Tax Return
  • Form 1120S- U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
  • Form 1120S-Amended U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
  • Form 1065-U.S. Return of Partnership Income
  • Form 1065X- Amended U.S. Return of Partnership Income

2023 Tax Organizers

Flat Rate-$650.00